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Sunday, May 30, 2004  

A friend of mine (now a fallen-away Catholic) once told me - "When I get to heaven, God isn't going to ask which church I went to".

That's worth thinking about. And this is for all of us Catholics who are not serious about their faith out there.

If I ever left the faith for another church, I suppose God would ask me:

Why did you leave the Church I established on earth?

Why did you spurn the opportunity to see me in substance every Mass in the Eucharist?

When I have given the power to forgive sins to my Church - why did you reject them?

Why did you feel that you had to leave my Church because you felt the priests weren't holy enough, or the services interesting enough? Do you not know that I make all things new? That I can make good come of anything?

Who did you love more - the Music? Or Me?

posted by Kensy | 3:44 PM
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