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Monday, January 06, 2003  

While lurking around CE, I notice this survey:

Which of the following countries do you think poses the greatest immediate danger to the U.S.?

Iran (0%)

Iraq (60%)

North Korea (20%)

Other (20%)

I can't believe this - 60% of CE's readers (predominantly American, I presume) think that Iraq is actually the greatest threat to the US?! Exactly what do these people think Iraq will hit the US with? Bows and arrows? Heck, Iraq's a country beaten to the ground! UN Inspectors have been sniffing around for 5 weeks with no impediment whatsoever and still can't find a single weapon of mass destruction. Yet the Americans believe that Iraq is a threat.

If anything, this only proves how well W's PR machinery has been doing. Even if Iraq had a nuke that the US cannot see - how the hell are they going to drop it over the US? Hidden in some pregnant woman's belly? If anything, you can only create more enemies and more 9/11's by beating down a poor nation. I mean, Iraq can lower itself to ground level, but if the US insists on stomping them below that - where will they go?

I wonder when we will learn from the pages of history. The Treaty of Versailles, for instance.

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