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Sunday, January 05, 2003  

Happy New Year to all my readers!

For the past week or so I was at my alma mater (IIT-Bombay) for Mood Indigo. While I missed nearly all the pronites and lit events, it was great being back at the place I spent the best years of my life in and meeting some of the people who made those years so unforgettable.

Getting back to the present, anyhow, Advani asks if being Hindu is a sin:

Addressing a Gujarat BJP executive meeting in Gandhinagar, he said, "India is predominantly a Hindu country and is secular only because of Hindutva."

Eh?? Silly me! And I always thought that we were secular because our founding fathers did not want a Hindu Pakistan.

Talking of which, by the same coin, is the USA secular because of Christianity-tva?

Meanwhile, I didn't know that CatholicExchange had published a whole series of articles on great Catholic apologists - starting with John Henry Cardinal Newman. Great series - Read it!

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