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Monday, December 02, 2002  

I dont think I've ever blogged about my experiences with my new parish (the one I've become a member of since I came to Delhi a little over 3 months back) - the Blessed Alphonsa parish at Vasant Kunj.

It hadn't even been named yet when I landed up in Vasant Kunj at the end of August. The new parish had been carved out of the nearby Vasant Vihar parish some time in May or June. It did not (and still does not) have a Parish Church building. The Sunday Mass was held in the hall of St. Joseph's Knanaya convent opposite Sector-D, Pocket-3 at Vasant Kunj. Which is an interesting scenario - because I don't think I've seen so much cooperation between a diocesan priest and members of a religious order before. The St. Joseph's sisters had been most gracious in giving space for the Sunday Mass; but in loaning their Chapel for the use of Daily Mass, they really helped infuse life into an infant parish.

These Daily Masses, by the way, started only about two months or so back. Fr. Matthew Koyickal, our parish priest, has been most enthusiastic about building this parish (it is his first charge, after all).

More about the Vasant Kunj parish later.

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