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Tuesday, October 15, 2002  

A short while back, CatholicExchange had published an article on the Christian concept of just warfare. Today, however, I'm shocked to see the tone and results of surveys on CatholicExchange that suggest that Bush's war on Iraq is being seen by my American brethren as a "just" war.

Let me put my agenda on the table right away - I am a shameless pacifist.

Let me also raise the examples of a few other countries that have as oppressive (if not more) regimes than Iraq - Pakistan and China. What is the US doing about these countries?

For over a decade now, the people of Iraq have suffered under the brunt of international sanctions while governments in Pakistan and China have received aid and trade sops. Is this American justice?

Saddam is a brutal dictator - no doubt about it. And certainly the international community must step in and take him down if necessary. But not the US on its own steam.

What gives one sovereign nation the right to attack another which poses no (obvious or otherwise) threat to its territory, peoples or sovereignity? What if Bush should not like an elected Government in India next? Or Canada? Will he just attack?

posted by Kensy | 10:00 PM
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