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Friday, October 25, 2002  

Rosaries for Peace and for Families.

Peace and Family have been raised by the Holy Father as the chief intentions for the Rosary in his Apostolic Letter as well:

The Rosary is by its nature a prayer for peace, since it consists in the contemplation of Christ, the Prince of Peace, the one who is "our peace" (Eph 2:14). (Rosarium Virginis Mariae, 40)

As a prayer for peace, the Rosary is also, and always has been, a prayer of and for the family. (ibid. 41)

Talking of RVM, the section with the most impact on me has been "Chapter III: 'For me, to live is Christ'" which deals with a methodology of prayer for the Rosary. Even though I was a daily "Rosarian" before, it was only after reading through this section (strangely enough, I did that while I was waiting in queue to pay my electricity bill!) that I've been able to add meaning to my Rosary prayer in a structured way.

Some recommendations for Rosary activities that I'm now looking at anew:

1. Announcing the Mystery - with the use of icons, if necessary (Cf. RVM 29)
2. Listening to the Word of God - after announcing the mystery (Cf. RVM 30)
3. Silence - I've always found it difficult to meditate on the Mystery whilst actually chanting the 10 Hail Marys. During the personal rosary, therefore, I've always meditated in silence for a while before moving on. Conversely, I've always been unable to derive the same depth during public rosaries. I hope now that community rosaries will mandate a period of silence following the announcement of the Mystery and the Reading. (Cf. RVM 31)
4. The concluding short prayer - "...it is worthwhile to note that the contemplation of the mysteries could better express their full spiritual fruitfulness if an effort were made to conclude each mystery with a prayer for the fruits specific to that particular mystery". (RVM 35) I personally find that this works best following the traditional Fatima Prayer.

Although our parish holds the daily rosary (since October is the Month of the Rosary), it has yet to put into practice changes such as the new mysteries. I guess it might take a little time for the new perspectives on the Rosary to seep down to the parish level.

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