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Monday, October 14, 2002  

It's gone, It's gone!

If you clicked that link and found nothing, that's probably because Rediff took off Francois Gautier's article on being Indian abroad. Why? Beats me.

Of course, Gautier's article was mostly about the greatness of Indian culture and why we must not blindly ape for the West - perfectly right too.

My only problem was with certain comments made about Indian Christians. Now I cant quote the article (seeing as Rediff doesn't have it any more), but it had comments to the effect of "We [Indian Hindus] let the Syrian Christians migrate here from Syria and stay".

Hello! Mr Gautier - do you have any idea where the Syrian Christians of India come from?? Do you know that we're "Indian descendents" of "Indian ancestors" who used to stay in this land when St. Thomas landed here nearly 2000 years ago.

Talking of which, 2000 years! Indian Christianity has been around longer than Islam or Sikhism. India is one of the "Apostolic" churches - putting it on par with Rome as far as founding goes. Indian Christianity is not something "phoren" - it's as Indian as the next guy.

There! I've been dying to say that for some while.

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