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Saturday, September 21, 2002  

Well, if Varsha's going to nitpick (see her reply below), I don't think I'll have the time and energy to get into a protracted verbal battle. Just wondering though:

  • How sacred does Varsha hold the SC when it comes out with judgments like the one I quoted in my mail? The answer to that can be seen in sentences ending with ellipses ...

  • When the highest court in the land has passed a verdict of "not guilty", what gives Varsha the right to pass verdict (Hell, those convicted ... *are* guilty, no two ways about it...) on the accused?

Interestingly, while giving Selective Leaks a re-read:

The facts of the Radhabai Chawl massacre case are that ... The accused's counsel rejected the deposition of eye- witnesses as "totally unworthy of credit" and the judges, too, believed that.

If that isn't "casting aspersions" (if not on the intentions, then on the judgment) of the Supreme Court (and its judges) - then what is?

posted by Kensy | 2:49 AM
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