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Thursday, September 19, 2002  

A mail I've sent to Varsha Bhosle on her latest article:

Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 22:16:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Kensy Joseph"
Subject: "Sanctity" of the Supreme Court
To: "Varsha Bhosle"

Dear Varsha,

Appropos your most recent article What's the Hindu bias in that?!, I'd like to highlight certain excerpts:

Each time a verdict goes against the world-view of the "secularists," there's gotta be something wrong about the judgment ... Apropos the court's punishment, the CPI's A B Bardhan said, "It is time that the Law of Contempt be coded so that the issue of contempt cannot be interpreted as one likes, and becomes an instrument to muzzle all criticism of judicial decisions." ... But, in the end, where will this trend of casting aspersions on the decisions of the Supreme Court and the judiciary lead us, and, when will it stop? Is there no institution that the "secularists" hold -- and will let us hold - sacred?

Now, I'd like to show you an extract from another one of your own articles, Other myths to "internalise" :

... the Supreme Court ruled that the police had framed the 11 Muslims and "somehow tried to get them identified through witnesses who belonged to the community from which the people were burnt alive." You see, two of the women who died had not identified the accused in their dying statements...

Or from an earlier article, Selective leaks :

Quoting precedent, 11 persons of the Bombay blasts case were released on bail and 40 more followed. Then, the Act itself was scrapped -- by the use of the communal card. And now those convicted by the TADA court have been set free by the Supreme Court...

Hell, those convicted by the TADA court *are* guilty, no two ways about it.
But the minority syndrome won't let our dunder-headed liberals see it that way. All that the controversial judgment will do is put the Hindus' backs up a little more. It has mine.

My question to you simply is:

Why do you accuse the "secularists" of a "wrong" (criticising an SC judgment) when you have done it yourself in the past?

Or is it that the SC is "sacred" only when its judgments agree with yours?



PS - I don't even want to go into the Arundhati Roy incident.

PS(ii) - A copy of this mail will be put up on my weblog - http://www.lethargiciitian.blogspot.com

posted by Kensy | 10:19 PM
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