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Tuesday, August 27, 2002  

Varsha Bhosle fires at the Church again. And once again, she commits the same basic mistake.

For all the "Hindutvaadis" out there - the Catholic Church is not all of Christendom. It does not endorse every and all missionary activity - especially not economic incentives for conversion (as by the Seventh Day Adventists).

From Varsha's article:

It's good to know the NCM supports a group that's opposing the Church's nefarious activity; and comforting that it's the Sikhs who are rejecting conversion. After all, if the pinkos' schemes succeed, the remaining Hindus -- as per Sikhism's foundation charter and Hindu "tradition" (read, cowardice) -- can once again fall at Sikh feet for protection.


We know that the exit of British rule did not mean the exit of Christian evangelism - that remains a clear and present danger: "India also has vast areas of more unreached groups - people with no access to the Gospel - than any other country. One such area is the Punjab - home of the Sikhs... Today there is much opportunity for Christian outreach." So says the Maranatha Gospel Mission based in Bhilai. The same Bhilai that Tarlochan Singh mentioned.

Note: The Maranatha Gospel Mission has nothing to do with the Church.

Not only do they get unlimited financial and political support from the fundamentalists in the US and Europe, including the Vatican, but they also attack with stealth, cunning and persistence.

Would it be too much to ask Ms. Bhosle to provide proof for this statement?

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