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Saturday, August 31, 2002  

Looks like the Hindu right wing have one more crusader for their cause - Dr. Konraad Elst. Some snippets from Dr. Elst's article:

Hathaway correctly reminds us that "terrorism comes in many guises:" armed assaults, suicide bombings, assassinations and "yes, hate-consumed mobs butchering innocent women and children". The latter expression presumably refers to the Muslim attack on Hindu pilgrims, a majority of them women and children, in a train in Godhra, Gujarat? Well, no, unfortunately Hathaway is blind in one eye and exclusively refers to those phases in the conflagration when Muslims were the victims.

I dont suppose Dr. Elst read the article carefully enough to know that Mr. Hathaway implies no such thing.

Apart from poetry about a "sore" to be "healed," Hathaway takes no interest whatsoever in India's main terrorist problem, Islamic armed separatism in Kashmir.

Note how Dr. Elst implicitly turns the Kashmir issue into a inter-religious warfare issue.

He merely warns Hindus not to use Kashmir as an excuse for Gujarat, and denies that Hindu exasperation at Muslim violence in Kashmir has anything to do with the Hindu reaction in Gujarat, as if he had investigated the matter.

And we see it again. Of course, I dont think Dr. Elst feels that Muslims and Christians in India are also exasperated at the violence in Kashmir. Exasperation at the violence in Kashmir exists for all Indians - but not everyone uses it as a baton to beat other Indian citizens with.

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