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Wednesday, June 26, 2002  

Well ... this one's coming to you straight from Down Under (I mean Kerala, of course!).

Finally had the opportunity to see a traditional Syro-Malabar wedding up close. Actually, it's only the engagement so far; and the wedding's on the 6th. The bride's my first cousin ... the first of my generation to get married in the family. So naturally, it's a big affair.

The engagement itself was a small ceremony, followed by some not-so-light snacks (because it was evening) for the 400-odd guests. The engagement is usually held in the bride's local parish; the wedding in the groom's (except where the bride is an only child - then the groom is said to be "adopted" by the bride's parents). This was followed by black coffee at the bride's home (another tradition) where the wedding date is finalised; along with the date and venue for picking up the manthrakodi and gold, etc. My cousin's too shy to wear a proper bridal dress, so she'll wear a white saree instead.

Interesting to watch a traditional patriarchal society wedding.

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