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Saturday, May 18, 2002  

Taken from Sulekha:

In the Name of Rama

Does Rama rave for a roof over his head
When millions sleep under the stars in his land?

Does Rama rage for a roof over his head?
Rama who relinquished his rights,
To respect his father's wishes.
Does that Rama rave for a roof over his head?

Rama who quelled Lakshmana's ire
At the sight of his brother Bharata approaching,
Rama who gave refuge to Vibheesna,
Does that Rama revel in revenge and riots?

If it is fear that threatens
That brothers are no longer like Bharata
Do not convert Rama into a Ravana
Have faith, implicit faith in Rama
He rose to raze Ravana to the ground
And he shall rise again.
To fight Ravana -- within or without,
Wherever he is found.

Rama the embodiment of righteousness
Reduced to restitution of old wounds;
Reduced to a rubber stamp for vote banks
Will not Rama rue over such devotees?

If you must build a house for Rama,
Mobilize, build shelter for the homeless
For Rama rejoices in such rituals.
Rama who resides in our hearts.

Poem by Usha N. Koundinya

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