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Monday, May 27, 2002  

Really been too busy with my project. I just wish it would get itself over with!

In the meanwhile, Musharraf's been giving speeches in Pakistan:

I would also like to remove all doubts about the elections that some people have. I want to assure you that we will hold elections between the 7th to 11th October this year. These will be free and fair, and foreign observers will be invited to witness them.
We cannot be blamed for every incident that occurs in Occupied Kashmir.
I would like to assure the international community that we are not allowing any infiltration across the LOC. We have taken very bold initiatives in this regard since the 12th of January. But we have not seen any response from India. We would like to normalize relations with India. We would like to see withdrawal of troops from the border. And we would like to urge the world to take note of the atrocities being committed by Hindu extremists and terrorists against Muslims in Kashmir and Gujrat, and against Christians and Sikhs and members of Hindu scheduled castes elsewhere in India.
A message to our Kashmiri brothers and sisters: We will always stand with you and you will always have our support.

Pretty much what you would expect the Pakistani Head to say. What I found interesting was his reference to Hindu terrorists. How does one define terrorist? While it is true that Hindu organisations like the VHP and Bajrang Dal have in fact terrorised Christians at various places, and the Muslims in Gujarat recently - the order of magnitude is very very different from that of Kashmiri terrorists.

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