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Sunday, May 12, 2002  

On closer examination of the Vaity article below, one sees there are other factual flaws as well:

  1. When asked about his religion, Chetan should've either filled None/No Religion or Atheism.
  2. The Bible is not a single book, but is composed of over 60 books including poems, proverbs, histories, rites, songs, epistles etc.
  3. What Chetan has pointed out is not the concept of the Messiah - but that of the Prophet.
  4. Judaism does not have a missionary spirit.
  5. Of course the Greek religion is called "Greek Religion". Chetan could simply have Googled to check up!
  6. Chetan's definition of Hindu is nothing but the definition of Indian. By deliberately mixing up the two, Chetan reflects the rightist agenda of portraying all Hindus as "true" Indians and non-Hindus as the opposite.
  7. When talking of "oldest living civilisations", Chetan skips the Chinese civilisation.

posted by Kensy | 11:56 AM
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