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Thursday, May 09, 2002  

Manchester Utd is in some desperate need of soul-searching after their 0-1 loss to Arsenal at the Old Trafford (losing the Premiership race and slipping to third in the process). This is the third time since 1990 they've gone trophyless; and the first time out of the Premiership top 2. Looking back, their decision not to defend the FA Cup is nothing but arrogance. Perhaps they will be more down-to-earth next season.

In the meanwhile, Feyenoord beat Dortmund 3-2 to lift the UEFA Cup. Congratulations to the Dutch team! And how sad I will not see the Dutch this year at Japan/Korea. I was a great fan of their passing and team-work - truly Clockwork Orange. Their loss to Brazil last World Cup was purely a question of nerves; and the one against Italy (Euro 2002) - what can I say?

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