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Monday, May 06, 2002  

John Mallon of Peter's Voice has this to say about the loss of faith being experienced by American brethren following the recent scandals:

If every priest, God forbid, were on the road to hell, it would still remain my responsibility not to throw in the towel and follow them there; but rather to get my soul to heaven by clinging to Christ. No one else is responsible for my salvation. I depend on priests for the sacraments to help me get there but the rest is up to me. Jesus and me. If a priest is a criminal or a pervert or a bad preacher or just plain ugly, I don't just leave and go to some other Church. Catholics don't do that. I'm staying where the Eucharist is. Other Christian churches don't believe what we Catholics do about the Eucharist.

Our faith is in the institution of the Church - not its followers (who are less than perfect). Does you stop sending their kids to school because bad kids study there? No! You ask your kids to stay away from them. But the institution of the school remains intact.

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