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Monday, May 06, 2002  

I'm not sure Warren Buffet gets it. He thinks "envy" and "dislike" of the US are what fuels the terrorist rage against the US around the world. Well, no-one can argue with "dislike" (isn't that rather obvious), but "envy" is just Buffet's inbred American self-centerdness talking. The rest of the world does not "envy" the US for its MacDonalds, or its economic prosperity. What the rest of the world really hates about the US is the fact that the US (and Americans) think they can get away with anything. That they can bully the rest of the world into playing the game by their rules but not follow the rules themselves. (If you think I'm talking rhetoric - what about Bush's decision to pull the US out of a War Tribunal treaty?) The rest of the world may not be as rich or as militarily superior as the US - but we do have our sovereignity and our pride.

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