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Saturday, May 18, 2002  

End-thought to the Rajeev Srinivasan article:

[The media] are diabolically one-sided. When I wrote my columns Blaming the Hindu victim, and "Godhra, 'secular' 'progressives' and politics", I simply followed a tactic made infamous by the 'secular' 'progressives' in the media: being one-sided and downplaying the fears and concerns of the other side.

In following an "eye for an eye" tactic, Rajeev has made the "secular progressive tactic" his own. He is guilty of the same act that he accuses the secularists of committing. That he claims to do it in retaliation does not exculpate him. If Rajeev were truly concerned about the impartiality of the media, why does he not set out to set up his own establishment? Why should Rajeev and other like-minded "fair" journalists remain separated when they can band up and give India what it truly needs - an impartial media? Why not give the "toilet-paper" newspapers (as some people in IIT call them) a real example to look upto?

Such an initiative can only take off if those detractors of media bias can face the demons of their own biases.

posted by Kensy | 2:28 AM
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