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Tuesday, May 21, 2002  

Daily rants:

N.K. Pant waxes eloquent with war rhetoric in India's Options in the wake of Terrorist Attacks. His suggestions to Vajpayee include abrogation of the Indus Waters treaty, naval blockade of Karachi and banning of all flights to Pakistan. Of course, such action will only make war certain. Watch out for the war jingoism - proactive diplomatic ball, Islamabad's 'disinformation' machine, Pakistan based terror machine and so on.

Meanwhile, both Arvind Lavakare and Ashwin Mahesh deal with the issue of the Directive Principles of State Policy. While Arvind harps on his pet Article 44 (on the Uniform Civil Code), Ashwin talks about the broader enforceability and actionability of the Directive Principles.

Anshul Chandra's NRIs in the US and India's Secularism is a US NRI's view of the events back home and how the rise of rightist politics in India has affected NRIs abroad. Also be sure to read the comments that follow - some of them are the usual rightist knee-jerkism, but some of them contain insightful criticisms of some of Anshul's views.

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