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Thursday, May 09, 2002  

Ambrish K. Diwanji's excellent article on Rediff really hits the nail when it comes to secularism and appeasement:

The tragic fact is that in India today, its laws do appease different sections in different ways. So if Muslims are 'appeased' through personal laws that allow them four wives in complete disregard of women's emancipation and liberty, Hindus too have contrived to ensure that various laws in the country appease Hindu sentiments, and perhaps the best, and most controversial, example is the law that bans the slaughter of cows, but not of other bovine creatures.

Diwanji's prime argument is that "asking the religious leaders to reform their religious practice and bring it at par with a modern worldview is akin to asking the Pope to support abortion: it will not happen" - so a uniform code has to be imposed and acceptance will come of its own accord.

I couldn't agree more.

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